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Masterclass in OKRs: Empower product teams to achieve unprecedented business outcomes

Hosted by
Javier Escribano
June 29th | 18:00 CEST | Show in my timezone

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In this Masterclass You'll Learn

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a framework for setting goals popularized by Google. Instead of prioritizing outputs (features), teams agree on outcomes (business goals) they must achieve. OKRs help teams achieve cross-company alignment, become more ambitious on the objectives, and be more accountable to achieve the targets instead of just delivering features.

Javier Escribano, CPO at Ontruck, will give the masterclass. He has driven the implementation of OKRs on his teams, reviewing, approving, and tracking over 200 OKRs since 2018.

Advantages of OKRs

We'll start by reviewing the benefits teams experiment after several cycles of using OKRs. We'll solve the typical concerns from business stakeholders about using OKRs.

Best practices to align OKRs with C-level and stakeholders

You want product teams to set their OKRs, but you also need the alignment and approval of C-level and rest of stakeholders. I'll share some critical steps to achieve it. 

Best practices in the transition from roadmaps to OKRs

Avoid making the same mistakes as other teams. We'll go over the challenges you'll have and give you tips to transition and achieve the expected outcomes quickly.

How to use OKRs to empower your product teams

We'll review how to use a lean version of RACI to give more responsibility to individuals who want to grow and to help the team be constantly aligned with the business.

How to define great Objectives and great Key Results

Having a great Objective helps in the transition from focusing on features to business outcomes. We'll review with examples the S.M.A.R.T. framework, and analyze the challenges with goals shared with business teams.

Best practices to follow-up on OKRs to achieve the outcomes

Ownership requires accountability, which requires transparency. We'll go over some excellent methods to review how OKRs advance through the cycle, decide which decisions you may take, and discuss the learnings post-cycle.


About Javier Escribano

Javier Escribano is co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Ontruck. He leads the Product, Engineering, and Data departments. Since 2018, Javier has driven the implementation of OKRs on his teams, reviewing, approving, and tracking over 200 OKRs.

Ontruck was born in 2016 with the mission of revolutionizing the road freight industry. Ontruck has a team of 160 people (50 of Product, Engineering and Data) and has obtained more than €54M from European investors of the size of Atomico, Cathay Innovation, Idinvest and OGCI.

Javier is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), and he completed his Information & Technology Management master's degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.